Bible Giving Cards

When you send one of our Bible Giving Cards, you can acknowledge a special occasion by buying Bibles to distribute across the world.

In Memory
Giving in memory is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone special by ensuring others can experience the life-giving joy of the Bible. We provide a range of cards for you to choose from, each with an inspiring testimony to show how your donation will be used. It can be a great comfort for someone grieving to know that Bibles are being placed in memory of their loved one.

In Recognition
We also provide a range of cards to help you mark other special occasions or simply to let someone know that you care for them. What better way to mark an important event, than by ensuring others get an opportunity to experience the life-changing Word of God for themselves.

Choose a Card
We have a full range of beautiful cards for you to choose from. We’ll send you two free cards and additional copies are just £1 each. All donations will be used directly to buy Bibles and copies of The New Testament for distribution across the world. This inspiring testimony is printed on the back of each card.

"I was given a Gideon New Testament in my country. My four friends wanted to read it too. We carefully cut apart the Gospels and shared them with each other. All five of us were saved through that one New Testament." 

How to Send a Bible Giving Card
Select a card from our selection. We’ll send you two free cards and additional cards are just £1 each. Cheques should be made payable to 'GideonsUK'.
Write your cards and send them to your friends or family.
Complete the donation leaflet you receive with the card.
Send the donation leaflet and your donation in the pre-addressed envelope enclosed.
Go to the Shop to purchase your bible giving card